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IoT is affecting everything, from your home to industries to businesses. Welcome to the new era of technology, with everything connected to the internet and control at your fingertips! The Internet of Things (IoT). By connecting everyone and everything, the Internet of Things has begun to make the world a better and smarter place than ever before. It's only the beginning, but it's already had a huge impact, and the potential it holds has yet to be realized. It's time to think about it. Are you prepared for the future? It is V.S.ELECTRONICS Innovations! We have the ability to understand and unlock the potential and opportunities to add value to your products while also addressing the underlying challenges technologically.

V.S.ELECTRONICS has grown over time by transforming our client's business needs into competitive differentiators through the use of IoT. It is our responsibility to provide organizations with the right sensors and the best platform for analyzing and understanding the insights obtained from the installations. We have collaborated with leading technology companies and their products such as Amazon's AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, Tableau, and others. We always want our trusted organizations to get the best solutions for their IoT needs. We provide end-to-end solutions to enable smart living, smart industries, and enterprises and deliver experiences by connecting assets.

We deliver and empower Organisations to


  •    Connect and Scale Assets and their efficiency.
  •    Real-time data analysis.
  •    Increase decision efficiency.
  •    Integrate all devices to IoT seamlessly.
  •    Transform Businesses.

Our Key areas of focus are

  •    Industries - Manufacturing, Utilities, Energy.
  •    Living - Healthcare, Security, Wearables.
  •    Enterprises - Home, Building, Offices, Retail.

Our IoT application development team, made up of industry specialists, creates internet-of-things products and apps that promote growth. With the help of intelligent products, optimization, automation, and decision-making, these centres support clients using IoT applications. A software and product engineering Services Company called V.S.ELECTRONICS is dedicated to designing, creating, and deploying Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products and solutions for the connected, intelligent world. A committed team of engineers at V.S. Electronics works on a variety of verticals, including industrial automation, IoT agriculture, smart homes and buildings, smart cities, and consumer electronics. Smart devices, mobility, big data, cloud, and analytics are all part of our service offerings.

V.S.ELECTRONICS solutions and projects help to develop solutions for:

Industrial IoT

The industrial internet of things increased efficiencies while also driving unusual growth. V.S.ELECTRONICS supports equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and factory operators across IoT architecture. We are collaborating closely on the implementation of various Industrial IOT solutions such as remote asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, machine automation, environmental monitoring and control, and productivity optimization.

Smart Homes

IoT in the home is altering our lives in ways we never imagined. We are developing the necessary hardware in-house and assisting service providers in incorporating connectivity, security, multimedia, and data management into their smart home products and solutions. We specialise in implementing energy-efficient systems, security and access control, home entertainment integration, smart appliances, and complete home automation solutions.

Smart Cities

IoT-based applications are critical to achieving smart cities that are safer, cleaner, and more efficient. We develop the necessary hardware in-house and collaborate closely from concept to product and solution realization. Our strong technological expertise aided in faster implementation. We work on solutions for smart parking, smart lighting, and smart transportation.