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Reverse Engineering

Extreme precision is required in electronics manufacturing to create a dependable, high-quality product. Printed circuit boards, electromechanical components, semiconductors, and any other component of a complete electronic assembly necessitate a precise, well-tested design.

V.S.ELECTRONICS has provided that level of precision in our electronics manufacturing by using reverse engineering to structure informed, pre-dissected design specifications. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers use reverse engineering techniques to design semiconductor components and other electromechanical parts and assemblies.

Reverse engineering provides a valuable analytical resource to our design technicians and engineers for a range of applications. By taking apart the physical parts of a component as well as the data of use and the theory of function, engineers are able to work backward from a final part or assembly to reverse the design and start from the beginning with a usable analysis.


For semiconductor component design, reverse engineering gives our engineers a way to work backward from an existing design that fits a specific application and adjust certain aspects of it if needed, overall continually improving the component as a whole.

Using reverse engineering to take apart the parts of a semiconductor component or full assembly gives our engineers the information they need for design improvement, including:

  •    Theory in the design of parts and their operation
  •    Materials used and how they react to long-term use
  •    Overall structure of interior and exterior
  •    Manufacturing process
  •    Assembly order of operations
  •    How an assembly reacts to stresses in operation, both expected and unusual
  •    Any other information that adds to our engineering database about the form and function of a part and a full assembly

With reverse engineering providing this information, our design team has several benefits to work with. First, they can save time in the engineering process because they are able to pull from a wealth of data gathered from the analysis of a part. This in turn saves costs of building unnecessary prototypes.

Secondly, our engineers can build higher quality parts with a range of improvements made to every aspect of the full assembly. This often eliminates time, energy, and resources spent on testing and inspections during final quality control processes. With a better product made more efficiently and quickly, our electronics engineers can improve your production schedule by improving our own.