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What is SCADA?

SCADA is a control system that combines software and hardware to create what is commonly referred to as automation technology. The system collects information about processes and associated equipment, which supervisors then use to control and optimise operations.

A SCADA system can be distributed across multiple locations, sometimes over a large geographical area, or it can be contained within a single facility. SCADA is widely used in the Indian Railway, as well as in Automobile industries, Warehouse Management, Power Plant, and a variety of other industrial processes.

SCADA systems can help your operation by maintaining efficiencies and identifying problems as soon as they occur. They can also increase productivity, quality, and profitability while lowering costs.


SCADA is a significant long-term investment and choosing the right system is vital

We provide a winning strategy for meeting complex and evolving automation needs, as well as solutions for simpler operations.

In this age of constant innovation and rapid change, predicting your long-term technology requirements is nearly impossible. As a result, our solutions are built to evolve with technology and grow with your company.

Our SCADA software provides operational excellence in industrial automation as well as throughout our entire Engineering, Operations, and Performance software portfolio.

Our SCADA software is dependable, adaptable, and powerful, and it has aided industries all over the world for decades.

Our SCADA software is highly secure, and scalable, and provides supervisory control in real-time. It is trusted to manage critical infrastructures worldwide.

Aging infrastructure necessitates efficiency upgrades as well as digital transformation using industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies.

Growing revenue challenges necessitate statistical quality control for more focused product and production line monitoring.

With experienced workers retiring and digital natives entering the workforce, HMI/SCADA systems must provide modernized visualization with a streamlined user experience.

Increasing service level expectations can be met by implementing lean tools such as process automation and industrial IoT applications.

Increasing regulations necessitate the collection of more manufacturing data by control systems, and workers must act faster than ever before.